Memoirs Of A Brand New Mummy
By: zeti becky zain

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GARAGE SALE : Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught


Garage Sale Price : RM 15

Whitney Stone's teenage crush on a neighbor has her cold, unfeeling father banishing her to Paris into the care of her aunt and uncle. Under their loving guidance, the young woman blossoms into a ravishing beauty and becomes the darling of glittering Parisian society--a fact not lost on the handsome and equally powerful Duke of Claymore, who determines to make her his wife. Despite the duke's fervent interest, Whitney remains fixed on her childhood love. That is, until she finds herself tempted by the Duke--an attraction that both delights and baffles Whitney, causing her to be increasingly wary of what her heart may lead her to do. The Duke suffers no such confusion. He wants Whitney. And he plans to have her, despite a number of obstacles, including the infatuation Whitney seems to have for another; her aunt's growing concerns; and her greedy father's bungling efforts to control his beautiful daughter. But before the Duke and Whitney's plans can reach fruition, they'll have to work their way through a morass of misunderstandings that threaten any hope of a happy ending.

Meticulously researched and set against the background of Regency England's country charms and London society, this classic historical romance boasts a hero and heroine who possess deep passion and strong, independent character, as well as a heartfelt story line that will keep readers turning the pages. Author Judith McNaught has endeared herself to readers with the quality of her writing and Whitney My Love--McNaught's first bestseller--is a not-to-be-missed example of just why her stories are so eagerly awaited by fans everywhere.

To purchase kindly email me at

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GARAGE SALE : SOLD by Zana Muhsen


Garage Sale Price : RM 10

The true story of Zana Muhsen's years as an enforced child bride in the Yemen. France's biggest non-fiction seller in 1992, it has sold three million copies in Europe. Condensed by Reader's Digest and dramatised for Radio 4, the British paperback edition reprints regularly.

Zana Muhsen and her sister, Nadia were sisters of Yemeni origin who were born and brought up in Birmingham, England. They were sent to Yemen in 1980 on a purported holiday to meet the paternal side of their family, but sold unawares into marriage in by their father, Muthanna Muhsen, a Yemeni émigré.

Although Zana asserts that she and her sister had no idea what would happen to them when they travelled to North Yemen, Nadia says that her father showed her a photograph of her future husband, Mohammed, in the UK, and that she knew she was going to be married.

On their arrival in Mokhbana, a remote village, they were each forced to marry teenage sons of their father's friends. Their mother, Miriam Ali, an english women, appealed unsuccessfully to the Foreign Office for assistance, but was told that the Yemeni government had stated that as they were now married to Yemeni men, they could only leave the country with their husbands' permission. Muthanna Muhsen took the Meher money he had been paid (which according to Islamic law should have gone to his daughters) and returned to Birmingham.

In 1987, an Observer journalist, Eileen McDonald, visited the girls and wrote a series of articles portraying Nadia and Zana as cruelly-treated slaves. The girls begged McDonald, and her male photographer, to help them leave the country, and the media coverage provoked an outcry in the UK.This led to the Yemeni government giving the Muhsens permission to leave the country in 1988, but forbade them from taking their children (Zana had one child, Marcus,and Nadia two, Hassan and Tina).Zana chose to return to Britain, but Nadia remained with her husband and children in Yemen.

After being reunited with her mother, Zana remained in England and in 1992, wrote Sold: Story of Modern-day Slavery with the ghostwriter Andrew Crofts, describing her experiences.It became an international bestseller and was dramatised by BBC Radio 4.The picture of a veiled woman on the cover of Sold is Nadia Muhsen. In 2001, Zana and Crofts wrote a follow-up, A Promise to Nadia - the true story of a British slave. Nadia had not seen or spoken to her mother or sister since 1996, but in 2002, she gave an interview to Melanie Finn, a journalist for The Guardian, in which she stated that she was happy with her life, saying, "It was never in my mind that I wanted to leave. It's just my sister, she wasn't comfortable."She also denied that she had suffered any cruel treatment or abuse from her husband or his family. Unfortunately, the fact that her husband's family has repeatedly forced her to make false statements means the real truth of what Nadia wants will never be known unless she and her children are allowed out of the Yemen.

To purchase, kindly email me at

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GARAGE SALE : Convertible Baby Cot Bed with Mattress

ours is in dark oak color.
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Garage Sale Price : RM 700 ( negotiable )
Very Classy Regina cot bed. Elegant and timeless design. Convertible to toddler bed (comes with side guard). The cot is in a VERY GOOD CONDITION. We have had the cot for two years & never had a problem.

4 different cot set up.

- Mattress come with cot and with a very good condition as we used waterproof mattress protector.

- The cot is pine in a lovely dark brown colour & curved at the top for a classy look

- The slat base can be adjusted to 3 different setup for newborn & down when the time comes so baby doesn't climb out.

- Higher level for smaller baby, lower after they can roll.

- One side drop down railing with only one hand use.

- Plastic on top of the sides top rails to prevent scrathes made by baby itchy teeth.

- Side railings are removable for use as first toddler bed.

- The cot is on wheels for easy mobility & all 4 wheels have a locking mechanism.

- When at a certain age they can use it for a little lounge

- Much easier to change sheets etc

- Cot comes apart into 5 pieces. 2 sides, 2 ends, & the base. PLUS 2 side railings for toddler bed.

- Comes with instruction leaflet.

* Reason for selling, Mika is now in his new bed.

To purchase, email me at

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Colourful ! I love their deco.

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How Can I Forget Bout ......

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Pocoyo is Mika's ultimate fav cartoon. Mika laugh like Pocoyo. He loves to imitate Pocoyo's dance & the way Pocoyo walk. Hahahaha....Cheeky & Naughty like Pocoyo too.

The comel chubby Pocoyo

The cake.

Vainy Pocoyo & his vainy friend.

Dehydrated Pocoyo in Qatar

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